Airplane landing

Get acquainted with groupflights

Groupflights is a part of Getflights, an independent Belgian airline broker and IATA Accredited Agent. Our team has been working in the aviation industry for many years and has built up a strong relationship with various airlines in recent years.

Our products

Getflights is the ticket broker / consolidator where we focus on the B2B Benelux market. Groupflights is the group department focused on professional travel agents and individuals who want to fly in a group of more than 9 people, either on a scheduled flight, a charter flight or with a private jet.

Personal service

In order to serve our customers in the best way we can, we have an English, French and Dutch-speaking customer service where we emphasize on a personal service. As a customer you can always count on your personal account manager. This way you know that your questions and account are in good hands, and you can count on an efficient and customer-oriented service.

High tech, high touch

Our website and tools are developed in-house by the IT department. This creates an intense collaboration between the technical and commercial aspects of our business.


In recent years, we have provided flights for many TV programs. A TV production involves a lot of work: crew and participants travel at different times or come home earlier, tickets have to be exchanged due to new plans or delays on set. In addition, a lot of material has to be transported, sometimes via regular scheduled flights, sometimes via a charter flight.


Groupflights also takes care of the flights for the Belgian Red Lions & Red Panthers, our national hockey teams, with great enthusiasm and pride. We look for the best flight times and connections for the players so that they arrive as rested as possible on the spot without any worries.