Airplane landing

Traveling in group

Buying airline tickets for a large group of travelers online is not easy. Usually you can book for groups up to 9 people, but for larger groups you have to negotiate with the airline. At groupflights, you request a quote and leave the negotiating to us. We evaluate different airlines, routes and dates and arrange everything from departure to arrival. When possible we use regular, scheduled flights, if not we use a charter flight or private jet.

Scheduled flights

The easiest way to fly in a group is via a regular scheduled flight. We negotiate the best conditions with the airline and once at the airport you join the other passengers for that flight. Check-in takes place online or offline depending on route, airline and safety restrictions.

Charter flights

If using a regular scheduled flight is not an option due to, for example, a lack of supply, a charter flight may be an option. A charter flight is usually only viable for really large groups, but it is possible for groups with more than 19 people.

Private jet

Are you traveling with a small group or are you looking for a luxurious and flexible solution? A private jet may be the best choice for groups up to 19 people. With a private jet you are less dependent on a major airport and you are not tied to a tight travel schedule.

Need assistance?

Do you want to travel in a group and are you unsure how to approach this? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +32 50 66 16 16, through our contact page or by e-mail at