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How come I find a lower price for a flight online? Can I reserve seats for my flight? When do I have to submit the final passenger list? Here, you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Do I get a discount if I book many tickets at the same time?

A group price is not calculated as a discount on an individual rate. Group pricing is complex and depends on availability upon request, demographics, aircraft size, route, season and number of seats requested.

I see a lower price online than my group price?

In some cases the average price of group tickets is lower than if the tickets were to be booked separately but sometimes also higher. It should also be taken into account that group tickets are much more flexible than most individual tickets. For example only a partial advance has to be paid upon confirmation and a percentage of the seats can be canceled free of charge up to a certain number of days before departure. The passenger list can be changed for free until the ticketing deadline.

Can I book groups myself, for example by booking 2 times 9 seats?

This is possible, but it is not certain that after booking the first 9 seats, the next 9 seats will also be offered at the same price. The consequence of this is that the other seats may have to be purchased at an increased rate. It is of course also possible that there is no more place available.

Why should I book through groupflights?
  • is the focal point for the best group prices and conditions.
  • Receive a quote or reply within 24 hours.
  • We compare different options and airlines, both full service carriers and low cost carriers.
  • Quality service from seating to group check-in and from special meals to extra baggage.
  • Additional services can be provided such as a group application for visas, tailor-made travel pharmacy, airport transfers, ...
  • Strict follow-up of deadlines and group accounting.
  • Follow-up of passengers who wish to travel longer or shorter or in premium economy, business or first class.
  • Multiple payment options
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Does it make sense to request quotes from multiple travel agencies?

Comparing prices can have the opposite effect in the case of a group booking. The request for a quote will arrive at the same airline several times, which is usually not appreciated, which can result in the request no longer being processed. This can also disrupt the availability of seats, which has a negative effect on the price. The timing of the request with different agents can also negatively impact the price.

When do I have to pay?

In most cases an advance of 30% of the rate is required (with or without fuel surcharge). The balance is due approximately 35 days before departure. All payment terms are clearly stated on our group contracts.

Any questions?

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