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The advantages of flying in group

Flying in group offers many advantages, you enjoy one price per passenger and can count on flexible terms and conditions. At groupflights we compare multiple airlines - both full service and low cost carriers - and we look for the flight that suits you best. Discover all the benefits of flying in group here.

One price for all passengers

In order to quickly fill their aircraft, airlines divide them into different price zones. For example, within one booking class (economy, business, ...) you have 6 seats at € 100, 6 at € 150, 10 at € 250, etc. If everyone books individually, one person pays € 100, the other € 150 or € 250. Moreover, in this example for a group of 10 people you will pay an average of € 120 per ticket, or € 20 "more expensive" than the base price of € 100. With a group booking you get one price per person, regardless of the size of the group.

Flexible terms and conditions

Booking in group guarantees flexible terms and conditions. Depending on the contract conditions, you can cancel 10 to 20% of the number of reserved seats free of charge up to 6 weeks before departure. In addition, you can modify the passenger list for free until a predetermined date (known as the ticketing deadline).

Payment options

When booking you only pay an advance of 30%, the balance is due 6 weeks before the departure date at the earliest. Payment can be made by wire transfer, the most common debit and credit cards or by direct debit.

Quality service

At groupflights, you can count on the best service. We arrange everything from seating to special requirements like luggage, assistance at the airport, specific meals, etc. 

At the ready

At groupflights we're always at the ready. During office hours you can reach us by e-mail at or by telephone at +32 50 66 16 16. Outside office hours, we are happy to help you through our emergency telephone number.