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The ideal group trip usually consists of a mix of culture, history and fun group activities. Although the possibilities are endless!

Travelling in a group is easy and safe. Group travel offers extra comfort, especially in unfamiliar or adventurous destinations. Group tours are often led by experienced guides who know the city or region well.


At Groupflights we take care of your flight tickets, so you get one average price for the whole group and enjoy more flexible conditions. Often, you can still change the number of travellers (depending on the airline). Fill in the form on the homepage to make a request.


Barcelona offers a perfect combination of beautiful architecture, vibrant culture and delicious food. How about a table full of tapas with a pitcher of delicious sangria? The city has a lot of unique sights like the Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà and Park Güell, as well as bustling fresh food markets and beaches.

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Berlin Berlijn

Berlin is steeped in history and offers a mix of modern flair and historical sights. The hip German capital has a vibrant art and nightlife scene, as well as unmissable sights such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall.


Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is a modern paradise in the desert with impressive skyscrapers, luxury shops and a wealth of entertainment options. Take the lift up the Burj Khalifa and go shopping at the impressive Dubai Mall. It is a destination known for its luxury and extravagance. Combine Dubai with Abu Dhabi to add some extra Emirati culture and tradition to your group trip.

Kyoto Japan

Kyoto offers a wonderful combination of traditional Japanese culture, temples and gardens. For a thousand years, Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan. It is a city steeped in history and known for its geishas and tea ceremonies. A group trip to Japan guides you through the country with its culture that is often different from our own.

Cape Town

Cape Town is a diverse city with breathtaking natural beauty, including Table Mountain and beautiful beaches. It also offers cultural experiences, wine tastings and a wealth of opportunities for advventurous activities. South Africa is an ideal destination for a group tour because of the multitude of possibilities. Every traveller will find an experience to their own liking.

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