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Looking for a smooth and cost-effective way to travel in a group? Look no further! Groupflights specialises in group flights. Start (and end) your flight search here!

✈️ The specialist in group flights

✨ Advantages aplenty

🕒 Fast quotes

⭐ is the one-stop shop for the best group prices and conditions

⭐ is the one-stop shop for the best group prices and conditions

At Groupflights, we compare different airlines, flight routes and prices for you, so you don't have to.


We pick out all conditions and rules flight by flight. So you'll know exactly what conditions your flights are subject to. Then you'll know right away when you need to pay a deposit, provide the name list and so on.

⭐ Quick reply or quote

At Groupflights, we aim to send you a quote as soon as possible. If we can, we will do so the same day. Either way, you'll hear from us quickly.

⭐ Quality service for special requests and seating (if possible) to group check-in and from special meals to extra baggage

We listen to the special needs of your group. Taking diving equipment or golf bag on the plane? Prefer a vegetarian meal? Like a window seat? We take care of it! The rules and conditions always depend on the airline you fly with, but even there we can help you with our years of knowledge.

⭐ Strict adherence to deadlines and accounting

Following up on deadlines is a piece of cake at Groupflights. We closely monitor all important dates and notify you by email five days and 24h before the deadline expires.

The advance and final invoice you receive are always clear and sent on time, so no mistakes are made financially either.

⭐ Several easy payment options

Groupflights offers several simple payment options. You can choose between an invoice transfer, direct debit, credit card or bancontact. Please note that additional charges are possible with credit cards.

⭐ Our team is always ready to answer your questions by email or phone!

Do you have a question? Do you have a problem? Our experienced staff will be happy to help you. Email us at or call us on +32 50 66 16 16.


We are at your service.