Things to watch out for when booking a group flight.

Would you like to purchase airline tickets for a group of more than 10 people? Keep in mind that a group booking has different terms and conditions than a normal individual booking. Here we'll tell you what you should keep in mind when booking a group flight.

First of all: there are a lot of advantages

A group booking is much more flexible than a regular booking. You have more time to pass on the final passenger list, request changes, etc. Moreover, with many airlines you only pay a 30% advance. You can discover even more advantages here.

Have realistic expectations

Of course you can dream of an unforgettable trip, however, be realistic if you are looking for a destination. If you want to travel to the other side of the world with 40 people and your budget is € 400 p.p., that will unfortunately not work. As a guideline, check if you notice that individual tickets start at € 600, a group trip at € 400 per person will not be an option.

Request a quote from just one travel agency

Requesting a quote for the same route for the same dates from multiple travel agencies may cause the airline to believe that there is high demand for a particular flight when the absolute number of passengers is actually less because only one quote will be accepted. This leads to a smaller supply, and therefore a higher price.

One contact person per group

Are you booking for a group of friends, an organization or company? Agree on who takes the lead and keep it to one contact person. If multiple people e-mail or call, confusion can arise.

Let us know whether you want to book immediately, or whether you are still planning the trip. Would you like to receive a price for multiple destinations? Let us know and we'll look at all the options for you or help you make a selection.

Tip: John is not Johnny

The name on an airline ticket must correspond 100% to the official name on your passport or identity card. If everyone has called you John all your life, but it says Johnny on your passport, be sure to give Johnny as a name. Think about this when booking tickets for someone else!

Also in need of lodging?

groupflights specializes in airline tickets for large groups but does so much more than that. We are happy to arrange your transport to and from the airport, and you can also opt for a package including overnight stays. We are happy to list all the options for you!